Thursday, 3 March 2022  |  Admin
Fiat Ducato 2021 Stage 1 Louth

This Fiat Ducato got the Demon Maps treatment with a Stage 1 tune map from Avon Tuning.  This remap completely changes the way the vehicle drives ( how it should have come from the factory ). The owner of this vehicle instantly noticed the difference when starting to drive with the lower down torque. Due to the vehicle being automatic it shifted through the gears a lot easier than before. This remap adds an impressive 60BHP & 110nm of torque. A stage 1 remap keeps all engine safety limiters in place meaning a Stage 1 tune will not damage to your engine.

Wednesday, 5 January 2022  |  Admin
What Issues Do Boost Leaks Cause?

Boost leaks are never great on any Turbo engine and there are many reasons why. The main issue you will find is poor performance however a boost leak can even effect the DPF on newer Diesel vehicles, as such its important to have these addressed before any remapping takes place. You might not even be aware of a boost leak on your vehicle due to it only being a small leak. If your unsure what a Boost leak is let me take a moment to explain.

Wednesday, 5 January 2022  |  Admin
How Are Vehicles Tuned From The Factory

Many customers ask why isn't my car tuned from the factory to unlock more power or why haven't they set the vehicle up to save fuel. There is only 1 reason, and that sadly is emissions. Vehicle manufacturers have one goal when making a new vehicle to hit the roads and that's emission targets. When making a car the manufacturer wants to achieve a perfect stoichiometric balance of air & fuel meaning the best emissions. It's pointless from a manufacturer designing a car or van that will just get through an emissions test.

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