ECU Remaps

Audi, BMW, Ford or Peugeot, there is always room for improvement due to vehicle manufactures having to worry about fuel Ron ratings and emissions they load a generic map to the vehicles computer known as an ECU. The problem is the UK market gets a much more limited engine performance, even though it can handle a lot more power without issue. As such this is when a remap can transform your vehicle.    

A custom remap from Demon Maps will safely unlock your engines full potential. By changing fueling pressure, turbo boost, pressure, injection pulse and timing.
In just 60 - 90 minutes we can reprogram the map on your vehicles Engine Control Unit (ECU) to unlock the true potential possible and this will enhance performance by giving responsiveness throughout the rev range. 
Remapping your vehicle is the modern, safe, and very affordable way to tune your Engine. Think about it, what other modification can give you between 30-80 BHP below £400? We can provide accurate figures on the gains that are possible for your particular vehicle.

All of our maps are remotely custom written live by technicians at Avon Tuning LTD where the software has been developed and tested, we offer a lifetime software warranty with all installations as well as carrying out diagnostic health checks and data logging prior to any Tuning.

We can carry out remaps by OBD ( the most common method ) this is where we connect to the vehicles diagnostic connector to read and flash maps to the vehicles ECU. If the vehicle has had a security update sometimes we need to remove the ECU and bench it meaning pins are connected to the ECU pins in order to flash a map directly to it.

Types of remaps we offer?

  • ECO Remap - An ECO remap is perfect for owners looking to save fuel / money. This is a common service we offer for van owners and motorhomes due to it offering a slight increase in performance but also more importantly a garanteed saving in fuel costs.
  • Motorhome Remap - Stage 1 tune offering excellent performance and torque when you need it throughout the rev range. Will pull the weight of your motorhome without issue.
  • Stage 1 remap - The most common remap on the UK market known as the state 1 tune, offering increased BHP, increased Torque and excellent response throughout the rev range. These maps also give the owner better confidence when overtaking.
  • Stage 2 remap - Offering slight improvements over a stage 1 but additional parts will be required such as... De-Cat, Intercooler upgrade, Exhaust, DPF Removal, 99 Ron Fuel, Air Filter.
  • Stage 3 Remap - Offering excellent improvements over a stage 2. Ideal for bigger turbos, bigger injectors and larger MAF sensors. 
  • Gearbox Remap - Designed to improve shifts & increase torque limiters on Audi, BMW and VW vehicles

Fault Code Deletes?

  • EGR Delete - We can tune your vehicles ECU to delete any related fault codes for the EGR valve and this is a much better / more cost effective way of repairing your vehicle. Having the EGR deleted is a way of making your engine cleaner. We would always recommend making sure your EGR has a blanking kit installed or get a garage to carry this out before hand.
  • DPF Delete - Some owners decide to fully remove the DPF due to it repeatedly getting blocked, We can program your vehicles ECU to delete any DPF related fault codes. Please be aware we don't remove the DPF filter ourselves.
  • Adblue Delete - Removes the need of AdBlue and completely removes all AdBlue software from the vehicles ECU.
  • Fault Code Delete - If you have a repeated fault code coming back we can delete it from the engines ECU in most cases providing it doesn't cause a major running issue. Perfect for getting your car to pass MOT.
  • Speed Limiter Removal - Often applied to fleet vans to stop speeding and cut fuel usage, we can remove these limiters within the ECU software.

We offer ECU Remaps in all local Lincolnshire areas such as East Lindsey & North East Lincolnshire. Mablethorpe, Alford, Splisby, Skegness, Louth, Horncastle, Grimsby, Wragby, Market Rasen, Cleethorpes.

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