Wednesday, 27 April 2022  |  Admin
Land Rover Discovery Sport Stage 1 Remap Sutton On Sea

The Land Rover Discovery 2.2 isn't exactly slow to start with however it does lack low down and mid range torque. As such once a Stage 1 remap has been carried out you will instantly notice a good difference. The Stage 1 tune is completely safe for the engine and gearbox due to it keeping all power increases at safe levels. And most importantly if you drive the vehicle at lower RPM's you will save on fuel, due to the lower down torque increase you will not need to rev the vehicle so hard in order to get up to cruising speed.

Tuesday, 29 March 2022  |  Admin
VW Passat Eco Remap And EGR Delete Skegness

One of the most common VAG vehicles we work on and this Passat has the 2.0L engine which responds very well to remapping. Our customer wanted a slight performance increase but more importantly was worried about the rising Diesel costs and as such went the route of our Eco remap, the ECO remap allows you to gain an additional 1-3 mpg depending on driving style and weather conditions. When we carried out our free health check on this vehicle we found the EGR valve not closing correctly this is a very common issue on this vehicle meaning it will only get worse if its left.

Friday, 25 March 2022  |  Admin
Audi R8 Stage 1 Mablethorpe

Due to the Audi R8 being a non turbo you won't see massive gains sadly. However a stage 1 makes the vehicle much more responsive throughout the rev range and increases performance. Having a stage 1 is noticeable due to the increased pick up even lower down the rev range. A stage 1 keeps the engine within safe limits and no other mods are required to run the additional power. Meaning a Stage 1 tune is a very cost effective way of increasing the vehicles performance.

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