Ford Connect Adblue Removal Solution

10 March 2023  |  Admin

Ford Connect Adblue Removal Solution

Many owners have been wanting an Adblue solution for these vehicles due to constant NOx faults and issues from the Adblue system. The NOx sensors are over £540 each when they fail and when they do it's normally just outside the Ford 3 year warranty meaning owners have to pick up the cost of a replacement then the labour costs getting it installed. The 1.5 Ecoblue models use a  Bosch MD1CS005 ECU, this has proven to be a very involved ECU meaning it's taken a while for our file providers to come up with an Adblue solution.

Once the ECU is removed from the vehicle we can carry out a bench remap which means we connect onto the ECU pins and download the original file, once the file has been modded it is then re-uploaded to the vehicles ECU. This means the ECU is now calibrated with the Adblue part removed.  As such the vehicle will no longer inject Adblue or require any further maintenance to the system.

Removing the Adblue system is designed for off road use only, however our calibration is not detectable during an MOT at present. As such owners are removing Adblue systems on a regular basis.  Removing the ECU from the 1.5 Ecoblue is an involved task and as such we would need to meet you at a car repair garage such as Steves Autos to carry out this Adblue Solution.  

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