Cheap Remaps And The Risks

26 May 2021  |  Admin

Cheap Remaps And The Risks

There is a saying buy cheap and buy twice and this is normally the case with poor tuning / remapping companies ( While giving the trade a bad name in the process ). A cheap remap normally means one or two things the tuner is either using cloned tools from the internet which are made in china or the tuner is using files purchased online normally in a CD or USB format. As a customer you may not understand the dangers in this and how it can damage your vehicle or may offer very little performance increase at all. Below we go over some main points you can have issues with if you use a cheap remapping company.

  • Cloned tools - If the tool can only offer OBD port remaps there is a major problem if the vehicle doesn't accept the new file being written, this can turn your working vehicle into a completely immobilised paper weight in seconds. As such due to these cloned tools being purchased offline the tuner can't upload a remap via the Bench remap method. Cloned tools also have hacked software so there is a large possibility of something going wrong. Remember if something does go wrong how will your cheap tuner fix the vehicle? Due to ourselves ( Demon Maps ) using official tools we can bench remap the ECU at any time. We also repair cheap remappers work on a weekly basis.
  • Cheap internet files - You have more than likely seen it on Gumtree or Facebook when someone is offering massive power gains for your vehicle with years of experience however they are offering to remap your vehicle for £100-150.  It may sound to good to be true and it normally is. In most cases these tuners will also pretend they have uploaded a new map to your vehicles ECU but haven't done anything at all. Another common one is uploading a unknown file for your ECU type from some unknown internet forum tuner which offers to make files for free or a very small fee.
  • Custom files - The most over used name in the remapping industry, if a file is changed in anyway at all it then becomes a custom remap. The problem is with this is tuners adding 5% on everything such as turbo boost pressure and injector open time. Then naming it a high performance custom remap. ( A professional remapping company makes a massive amount of changes within the map and that is what gives you the best performance throughout the rev range.
  • Vehicle problems - You have your vehicle remapped it then becomes a no start, the tuner will normally blame this on something like you have a ghost fitted or your ECU must have a fault. This is normally due to the tuner either using cheap / unknown files or the company are not able to carry out a bench remap.

We hope the above gives you some insight as to the issues you can come across using a cheap remapping company. The good news is we can normally fix 99% of cheap tuner created problems by either flashing an original vehicle file back into the vehicles ECU OR adding a new Eco or stage 1 remap into the vehicles ECU. We only use files provided by Avon Tuning to give all our customers the best experience and more importantly backed by us. If you would like a professional remap in the East Lindsey district call Demon Maps on 07340 341790.

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