What Is A Bench Remap

26 May 2021  |  Admin

What Is A Bench Remap

When looking for a remap you will more than likely do some research to find out what your local remapping company can offer. Some tuners using cloned tools from unknown places can only offer OBD remaps, you need to be aware these are normally the cheap remapping companies that run around with a laptop offering remaps for £100-150. This can go wrong VERY quickly, we will explain why even using original tools direct from the manufacture and reading / writing via the OBD port can every now and then glitch out ( a problem which every mapper can come across ) then if the OBD doesn't allow you to upload this new file what happens then? The only answer is to remove the ECU and bench read / write the ECU.

Another reason can be because the OBD is locked by the vehicle manufacture meaning you can't load a map via the OBD port. This is becoming more and more common on later VAG and BMW vehicles from 2019. As such remappers with just OBD tools won't be able to remap your car. Us at Demon Maps can perform OBD, Bench and Boot remaps without issue.

So you might be asking what is a bench remap? A Bench remap is where the vehicles ECU is removed from the vehicle ( NOT opened ) and the ECU has tiny pins normally where the power & sensor connectors would go. We then insert power, ground, ignition and Can-Bus / K - Line data wires directly onto these pins. This means we have a direct connection with the vehicles ECU and this will read the original file directly from the memory chip inside the ECU. We can then send this file directly to Avon Tuning ( our file provider ) and they will modify ( custom remap ) your original file and return to us which then means we can then reflash it to the vehicles ECU. Once complete the ECU is then put back into your vehicle.

A Bench remap should ONLY be carried out by a professional such as ourselves Demon Maps. Remember many unknown / cheap remap companies can ONLY carry out OBD remaps and there is a massive risk with this if something goes wrong. If you would like a professional remap in the Lincolnshire area call 07340 341790.


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