What Issues Do Boost Leaks Cause?

5 January 2022  |  Admin

What Issues Do Boost Leaks Cause?

Boost leaks are never great on any Diesel or Petrol Turbo engine and there are many reasons why. The main issue you will find is poor performance however a boost leak can even effect the DPF on newer Diesel vehicles, as such its important to have these addressed before any remapping takes place. You might not even be aware of a boost leak on your vehicle due to it only being a small leak. If your unsure what a Boost leak is let me take a moment to explain.

The turbo system consists of an air filter, turbo, pipework, intercooler, pipe work then it finally makes it's way into the engine, the Turbo system creates the compressed air for the vehicle your driving. The ECU sets a certain PSI level for the load and driving conditions your placing on the engine. A boost leak will decrease the amount of pressure reaching the inlet manifold and in turn this will decrease the engines performance. As such a simple boost leak can also effect many other parts of your engine such as....

  • High Exhaust Gas temperatures
  • Turbo Over Speed
  • Exhaust Smoke
  • DPF Blocking
  • Unrepairable DPF Damage
  • Engine Warning Lights
  • Limp Mode
  • Poor Performance

This is just a short list of issues a simple boost leak can cause. without thinking about the possible damage that can happen from a simple Boost leak. If your vehicle does have a boost leak this will be more than likely be found when remapping due to the ECU requesting more boost from the turbo. Any vehicle that your looking to enhance the performance from needs to be in good health and have a healthy inlet / turbo system.

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