VW T6 Stage 1 Remap Lincolnshire

29 May 2021  |  Admin

VW T6 Stage 1 Remap Lincolnshire

The VW T6 is a very common vehicle converted into a camper, as such owners are always disappointed with the standard performance. For example a 2.0 TDI Euro 6 can offer 102BHP as standard and that added with the additional weight means you will feel very unhappy with the standard performance. The good news is a Stage 1 remap completely changes this vehicle by adding 58 bhp and 100 NM of torque, this will allow much better gear changes throughout the rev range and allow you to keep the revs low due to the added torque.

VW engines always handle remaps very well and the responsiveness you will gain throughout the rev range is perfect. The benefits of remapping are great due to the ability to save fuel meaning keep revs low with the added torque applied throughout the map, Change gear earlier within the rev range,  and enjoy pure performance when overtaking. As standard many VW T6 owners don't have confidence to overtake when it's safe to do so. We can even offer remaps for the older T5 vans.

If you would like a professional remap why look anywhere else than ourselves our remaps are written by Avon Tuning LTD the best and most respected in the remapping / tuning world. We cover the East Lindsey area via our fully mobile service, call 07340 341790 to find out more.


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