VW Passat Eco Remap And EGR Delete Skegness

29 March 2022  |  Admin

VW Passat Eco Remap And EGR Delete Skegness

One of the most common VAG vehicles we work on and this Passat has the 2.0L engine which responds very well to remapping. Our customer wanted a slight performance increase but more importantly was worried about the rising Diesel costs and as such went the route of our Eco remap, the ECO remap allows you to gain an additional 1-3 mpg depending on driving style and weather conditions. When we carried out our free health check on this vehicle we found the EGR valve not closing correctly this is a very common issue on this vehicle meaning it will only get worse if its left.

As such we recommended our EGR delete which stops the flow of exhaust gasses back into the engine. As such the engine will run much cleaner and you won't suffer common EGR problems in the future, even with the EGR deleted  the DPF will still remain in place and will regen correctly. An Eco remap is simply a good route to take right now and it gives you additional BHP & Torque. We are fully mobile and cover the East Lindsey area, this job was carried out in Skegness on a mobile basis.

Often we find Eco remaps are insurance company friendly and as such this is another reason to go the Eco remapping route, Avon Tuning LTD provide our remaps and they have been proven time and time again for quality and performance. Call us today on 07340341790 to find out how we can enhance your vehicle.

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