Land Rover Discovery Sport Stage 1 Remap Sutton On Sea

27 April 2022  |  Admin

Land Rover Discovery Sport Stage 1 Remap Sutton On Sea

The Land Rover Discovery 2.2 isn't exactly slow to start with however it does lack low down and mid range torque. As such once a Stage 1 remap has been carried out you will instantly notice a good difference. The Stage 1 tune is completely safe for the engine and gearbox due to it keeping all power increases at safe levels. And most importantly if you drive the vehicle at lower RPM's you will save on fuel, due to the lower down torque increase you will not need to rev the vehicle so hard in order to get up to cruising speed.

A stage 1 remap simply brings the vehicle to life and makes it a lot more enjoyable to drive. All the EGR and DPF system will remain working due to the stage 1 remap only increasing engine power.  This ECU was remapped via using our bench method which means our non damage female pins are pushed onto the original ECU connector pins, this allows us to get a full ECU read and it means any security updates Land Rover have carried out will remain present and won't effect our work. This is by far the safest method to carry out a remap on these vehicles.

We are fully mobile in East Lindsey and offer a hassle free remapping service, you can call us on 07340 341790 for a quote or booking.

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