How Are Vehicles Tuned From The Factory

5 January 2022  |  Admin

How Are Vehicles Tuned From The Factory

Many customers ask why isn't my car tuned from the factory to unlock more power or why haven't they set the vehicle up to save fuel. There is only 1 reason, and that sadly is emissions. Vehicle manufacturers have one goal when making a new vehicle to hit the roads and that's emission targets. When making a car the manufacturer wants to achieve a perfect stoichiometric balance of air & fuel meaning the best emissions. It's pointless from a manufacturer designing a car or van that will just get through an emissions test.

This means we have a chance in the aftermarket to either increase power or give the customer a fuel saving in terms of economy remapping. We can even give a mixture of power and economy tuning if you require. Our tuning will still allow a vehicle to pass MOT without any issues. However we do offer other services which might be of interest such as Adblue delete, DPF delete, EGR delete however please be aware these are designed for off road use only.    

Having an eco remap can save up to 5 MPG on certain vehicles giving an excellent saving over the life of your vehicle ownership. If you would like your vehicle professionally remapped call 07340 341790.

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