Ford Transit Custom Stage 1 Remap Lincolnshire

25 May 2021  |  Admin

Ford Transit Custom Stage 1 Remap Lincolnshire

The average stage 1 gains for the Ford Transit Custom are VERY impressive due to these engines being very detuned from the factory, as such the average gains are 60BHP and 100NM of Torque increase. When these are tuned it gives the van a completely different feel / drive. Some owners have even said it feels like a completely new engine, the secret behind this is Ford put the same engine in many models / spec of Ford Transit / Custom, due to them having standard and sport models they de-tune some of the engines. For example the 115BHP model can be remapped to 175 - 180 BHP without issue, the Transit Custom sport comes in at 155BHP as standard and can also be remapped to 175-180 BHP.

These gains are very impressive and as such customers are always impressed and this isn't just referring to top end power, the remap changes the engine responsiveness throughout the rev range offering excellent drivability. The standard 100 & 115 bhp models really struggle when the van is loaded and a remap really helps with that. The Avon Tuning remap by Demon Maps can also offer fuel gains but you need to be aware the savings will depend on driving style. The way you would aim to save fuel is by changing gear sooner in the rev range this is achieved by the added Torque lower down the rev range.

If you main aim is just to save fuel we would recommend a Eco Remap over our normal stage 1 tune. If you would like to talk about your Transit Custom remap in detail please give us a call on 07340 341790.         

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