Ford Focus ST Remap Lincolnshire

30 July 2021  |  Admin

Ford Focus ST Remap Lincolnshire

The Ford Focus MK3 ST features a powerful 2.0L turbo engine which has proven itself over the years as being reliable and can be very tuneable. The Stage 1 on this vehicle adds an additional 25 BHP and 70NM of torque. Many owners are impressed with these gains due to the increased power throughout the rev range, it makes the vehicle much more enjoyable to drive especially down country lanes. The Focus ST can handle the stage 1 Avon tune without any other mods required. A good route is replacing the air filter or K&N panel filter to make sure you get the most from the tune.

 Some owners have expressed the Focus ST doesn't deliver power in the same way as other hot hatches on the market. And a remap really changes the way the car feels on the UK roads. Avon Tuning have managed to provide us with an excellent tune for this vehicle which some other tuners can't even come close to matching a huge amount of Focus ST remaps only deliver the power at the higher end of the rev range. Our Avon remap provides power throughout the map. We provide fully mobile remapping services for the Ford Focus ST MK3 in the Lincolnshire area. We cover East Lindsey on a mobile basis and can travel to your home or work at a time suitable for you.

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