EGR Blanking Plate Fitted Lincoln

17 June 2021  |  Admin

EGR Blanking Plate Fitted Lincoln

EGR valves have caused nothing but problems since being added to vehicles. The main problem is due to how dirty diesel engines are, due to the excessive carbon which builds up within the engine and as such this blocks the EGR valve and causes issues with it opening & closing. This can cause lights to appear on the dash or running issues, in some cases it can cause both. Blanking the EGR is a very common modification on many diesels due to the vehicle running so much better without exhaust gases being recycled into the inlet manifold. The EGR valve systems on many cars are very expensive to replace as they get older, and as such it is more cost effective to get an EGR delete and remap at the same time. By using our EGR blanking plate this allows us to block the exhaust input path into the EGR valve. With the remap it deletes the EGR fault codes from the vehicles ECU meaning you will never experience issues with the EGR valve again.

If your vehicle uses the EGR valve and EGR cooler system and the cooler side is at fault / leaking coolant, the only way to correctly do this is to buy an EGR and EGR cooler delete kit, this kit allows the complete part to be removed. This will need to be done by a full workshop / mechanic due to the labour involved ( removal time can be anywhere between 1-5 hours in most cases ). If you need one of these kits we would recommend Darkside Developments which offer EGR & cooler delete kits for many VAG, BMW vehicles.

Deleting the EGR system doesn't effect your DPF and the DPF can remain in place without issues. Why not call us on 07340 341790 to discuss your remap requirements. If you wish to fully remove the DPF we can offer this service however the vehicle will need to be driven to a garage to have the DPF gutted, as such we use Steves Autos in Mablethorpe for this service.


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