Citroen c3 Stage 1 + EGR + DPF Delete Spilsby

29 September 2022  |  Admin

Citroen c3 Stage 1 + EGR + DPF Delete Spilsby

This Citroen C3 was suffering major DPF issues due to constant short trips and the DPF had already been replaced once. Due to the vehicle only being used for short trips ( Less than 2 miles ) the DPF never gets a chance to regen and as such it just keeps blocking up. The best route for this customer was having the EGR blanked and the DPF fully removed. We paired this with a stage 1 remap to add a slight increase in performance, this will mean a slight fuel saving if driven carefully.

An EGR blank will stop dirty exhaust gasses being recycled back into the engine meaning the engine will be much cleaner & run a lot smoother throughout the rev range. We always advise caution when deleting the DPF filter. The engine MUST be within good health to allow a DPF removal otherwise the smoke levels will be to high to pass an MOT. It's important to understand the DPF filter is designed to do one job and that is collect soot particles ( black smoke ), when you remove this filter if there are any issues such as a leaking injector, boost leak you have a very high chance of smoke output and further work will need to be carried out to bring the smoke down to an acceptable level. 

You might ask what is a suitable level of black smoke / soot, driving around town very slowly for a while then applying high revs. You will normally see a small puff of black smoke, however you should never see black smoke while at idle or at part throttle. If you would like your Citroen remapped in Spilsby or in East Lindsey call us on 07340 341790.

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