BMW M140i Stage 1 Remap Lincolnshire

23 June 2021  |  Admin

BMW M140i Stage 1 Remap Lincolnshire

The BMW M140i featuring the B58 engine is very de-tuned from the factory, as such a stage 1 remap gives the engine much more responsiveness and performance throughout the rev range. Along with amazing gains for example 60BHP and 90nm of torque. We can also offer a gearbox remap on this model meaning this will improve gear box changes by up to 200ms and change the way the torque limiters are set in the gearbox. A gearbox remap is not required to carry out a stage 1 remap but they work very well together and help with the responsive drive.

A stage 1 tune is very safe for this engine and due to it being de-tuned from the factory a stage 1 really brings the car to life and keeps the engine within safe limits. No other modifications are required for a stage 1 tune meaning this offers the highest level of gains for the least amount of money. No other modification can be added to the vehicle which no one would know the vehicle has been tuned without reading the vehicles ECU meaning it doesn't change the look or style of your vehicle at all.

If your looking for an excellent quality remap from the leaders Avon Tuning, why not give us a call on 07340 341790 to arrange a performance Stage 1 remap for your vehicle.

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