BMW 1 Series F20 Remap Stage 1 Lincolnshire

26 May 2021  |  Admin

BMW 1 Series F20 Remap Stage 1 Lincolnshire

The BMW Diesels always remap very well and owners notice the improvement straight away. The Diesel models are by far the most popular model to remap due to the excellent BHP & Torque gains you can get for such little outlay. For example the BMW F20 120D will get a BHP increase of 47 and 40NM of torque. You simply can't beat these gains with any other cost effective / affordable mod. The remap keeps are gains within a safe manor meaning we don't push the injectors or the turbo to there limits. This means the engines reliability remains un-effected.

Some owners also decide to delete the EGR valve due to these N47 engines having a large amount of problems with the EGR valve and cooler system, some owners have also said these systems can melt the manifold and as such people buy delete kits for the EGR and cooler meaning the whole part can be removed and mapped out. The advantage with this means you will never have to worry about the manifold melting or burning coolant when the vehicle is out of warranty.

We always recommend servicing these vehicles once a year due to the possible timing chain wear they can suffer from in the older years. The BMW 20k servicing is far to long for these vehicles and as such servicing once a year will pro long the life of the vehicle if your going to keep it. If you would like to discuss the possible gains for your vehicle call 07340 341790.

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