Battery Support During Remapping Required?

21 May 2021  |  Admin

Battery Support During Remapping Required?

What is a battery support system you might be asking yourself? It is a simple device that connects onto the vehicles battery which makes sure the power does not drop below 12.6 volt during a remap. You will often get unknown mobile remappers that will charge you very little to remap your vehicle using unknown files with cloned tools from unknown sources, they will simply hope the vehicles battery will remain at 12 volt while they leave the ignition on. For example on some vehicles it can take over 40 mins to read an ECU. And when your flashing an ECU it is VERY important the battery voltage doesn't drop below 12 volt, if it does you can easily have a dead ECU on your hands.  Meaning the vehicle won't start / will be immoiblised.

If your using an unknown Remapper from the internet will they replace the ECU? or just say its faulty during the remap? Due to most of them using cloned tools they can't re-flash an original file and start again. This is the problem with cloned tools in the remap industry. We use 2 different brands of battery support units depending on the type of vehicle and how many AMPS of current it can require during the remap. All our tools are original meaning we can flash original vehicle files if required and pick up the pieces of an unknown engine remapper if required.

Did you know a vehicle can demand 80 AMPS of current during a remap due to the fans running during ECU writing on certain vehicles. It is always wise to use a professional such as ourselves Demon Maps and you can call us on 07340 341790.


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