Audi R8 Stage 1 Mablethorpe

25 March 2022  |  Admin

Audi R8 Stage 1 Mablethorpe

Due to the Audi R8 being a non turbo you won't see massive gains sadly. However a stage 1 makes the vehicle much more responsive throughout the rev range and increases performance. Having a stage 1 is noticeable due to the increased pick up even lower down the rev range. A stage 1 keeps the engine within safe limits and no other mods are required to run the additional power. Meaning a Stage 1 tune is a very cost effective way of increasing the vehicles performance.

We are fully mobile meaning we cover the local East Lindsey area meaning we can come to you at your home or place of work. A stage 1 remap is our most common service and offers the best performance at a great price point.  All we require is a 240v power point this is for our vehicle battery stabiliser to make sure your battery remains at the correct voltage during the remap process.

What comes with our stage 1 remap?

  •     Free vehicle health check ( scan of all modules in the vehicle )
  •     Check of coolant & oil levels
  •     Original file stored ( if you ever wish to put the vehicle back to standard )
  •     Your original file uploaded and modified by Avon Tuning
  •     Then you simply take the vehicle for a drive and feel the difference

If you require a remap for your Audi R8 in the Lincolnshire area, give us a call on 07340 341790.

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