Audi A3 2011 Stage 1 Remap Lincolnshire

28 May 2021  |  Admin

Audi A3 2011 Stage 1 Remap Lincolnshire

Own an Audi A3 8P MK2 and not impressed with the factory performance? Our stage 1 tune from Avon Tuning offers outstanding gains which you can feel while on the UK roads. With the added responsiveness and torque you can really feel the car pull through the gears. The Avon Tuning remap takes the 2.0L 136BHP & 320NM Torque up to a massive 185BHP & 410NM of Torque. Unlike other remaps the Avon Tuning Map changes many settings within the ECU for excellent power delivery.

The main parts changed within the map to offer the excellent performance are injector open time, boost pressure, smoke limiters and much more to change the way the engine delivers the power. All these power gains are completely safe and you won't suffer any reliability problems. Many owners worry about the DPF problems but don't worry our maps from Avon tuning is custom tuned on a dyno to make sure the map won't over fuel or cause any DPF issues.

The Audi A3's handle the remaps really well and as such we haven't seen any problems even with higher miles on the clock. Providing you keep on top of the maintenance you will have a better performing car which will put a smile on your face every time you go for a fast paced drive. If your interested in getting your Audi A3 Remapped in Lincolnshire call us on 07340 341790.   

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